Entries by Benjamin Heller

Wassail 2014

During secondary fermentation, Single Engine Red, green apples, local high bush cranberries, and mulling spices were conditioned in fresh Jack Daniel’s barrels for several months. The result is our version […]

Pale Rider

This American Pale Ale is brewed with pale and munich malts and a wide range of Pacific Northwest hops, including Mt. Hood and Zythos in the kettle and Chinook and […]

Chuli Stout

Over its long history, stout has served many purposes, from a doctor-recommended cure-all to an aperitif for Russian royalty. Somewhere in the middle is Chuli Stout, a dry Irish style […]

Twister Creek IPA

Twister Creek IPA is an American style IPA, specifically a Pacific Northwest style IPA, meaning we use a lot of hops to produce it.  If you’re a numbers person, you’ll […]

Single Engine Red

Single Engine Red is an amber-style ale; very flavorful but not heavy, strong or cloyingly sweet.  It can be compared to Killian’s Irish Red, although it differs in that ours […]

Mother Ale

Mother Ale is the lightest member of our signature ales. It is brewed with pilsner and wheat malts, hopped with American-grown lager type hops, and is fermented with lager yeast […]