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Slow Down Brown

Features velvety chocolate malt up front, a nutty center palate with restrained additions of cumin, coriander, fennel, fenugreek and cardamom and a slightly sweet lingering finish highlighted by cinnamon, cloves and cayenne.

Good Dog

Steam style beers are brewed with lager yeast that ferments at ale temperatures. Our version is made with the second running of our Old  Mad Dog Barleywine mash and features the grainy flavor of Belgian pale ale malt and assertive hop character from Northern Brewer and Cascade hops.

Kentucky Sour

A 2-row barley variation on a traditional Berliner-Weisen, this sour beer is fermented in American Oak which gives this golden ale a medium body with refreshingly tart flavors of lemon zest and wood.


Traditional Belgian farmhouse ale brewed with rye, caraway and a trace of onion.  Four months of barrel aging imparted wild yeasts, adding complexities to the solid dry finish.  We cellared this beauty for seven months, allowing it to naturally carbonate. 10 oz Goblet

I Squared

This big IPA rests its 122 IBUs on a foundation of six malts, from Vienna to Chocolate. We used hops from all over the world to impart nuanced bitterness, flavor and aroma. Featured in the kettle are the American varieties Zeus, Mt. Hood, Sterling and Willamette, as well as Saaz from the Czech Republic. These […]

Vienna Lager

Vienna malt balanced by the gentle spiciness of Hersbrucker and Tettnager hops.  This clean and refreshing crossroads beer is perfect for sipping in the sun as spring rolls into summer. Winner 2011 Beer Trippin’ Homebrewer’s Competition