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Pale Rider

This American Pale Ale is brewed with pale and munich malts and a wide range of Pacific Northwest hops, including Mt. Hood and Zythos in the kettle and Chinook and Centennial for dry hopping.

Barrel Aged Coconut Chuli Stout

Born as an experiment with wood, a small portion of Chuli Stout found its way into a single American oak barrel in the spring of 2010.  After flaked coconut was added to the barrel, and over the course of the next several months, wild yeasts that reside in the barrel staves began to lend flavors […]

OneTree Birch Beer

Brewed for the First Annual Talkeetna Birch Festival, this unique session ale explores the nuances of locally manufactured birch syrup from our friends at Kahiltna Birchworks.  Malted barley, wheat and rye constitute the bulk of the grain bill, with a pinch of smoked malt thrown in to make things interesting.  The spiciness of the rye […]

Generator #1

This unique and fragrant brew is a hybrid of a Belgian Wit and an American IPA. Pilsner and whealt malts combine with the bitter and citrus complexity of warrior, cascade and simcoe hops to complement lemongrass, rose hips and orange and grapefruit peel, which were added to the brew. Fermented with a classic Belgian Wit […]

Dukes of Bavaria

Unflitered German wheat beer is a classic summer sipper. High carbonation balances the pleasant fruity aroma of banana and clove

Hey Porter

Chocolate and black patent malts, along with roasted barley, provide this English style porter with rich garnet hues, while Munich, wheat and crystal malts balance an addition of dark roasted coffee beans to the conditioning tank.  Steeped enough in the flavors of java we all love, while retaining the soul of a smooth, rich porter, […]

Chuli Stout

Over its long history, stout has served many purposes, from a doctor-recommended cure-all to an aperitif for Russian royalty. Somewhere in the middle is Chuli Stout, a dry Irish style stout, which takes its name from the mighty Chulitna River. An ample amount of roasted barley imparts dry, coffee-like flavors, while flaked barley adds smoothness […]

Twister Creek IPA

Twister Creek IPA is an American style IPA, specifically a Pacific Northwest style IPA, meaning we use a lot of hops to produce it.  If you’re a numbers person, you’ll like to let your customers know we use 1.75 pounds per barrel of hops, the majority of this being     dry-hops.  We use just over one […]

Single Engine Red

Single Engine Red is an amber-style ale; very flavorful but not heavy, strong or cloyingly sweet.  It can be compared to Killian’s Irish Red, although it differs in that ours is an ale, not a lager.  However, it has some of the same malty highlights as Killian’s.  The name comes from a competition we held […]

Mother Ale

Mother Ale is the lightest member of our signature ales. It is brewed with pilsner and wheat malts, hopped with American-grown lager type hops, and is fermented with lager yeast at warm ale temperatures, which makes it a steam beer.  It is our attempt at brewing an ale that approximates the smooth drinkability of a […]