Denali Spirits

Denali Spirits is the newest innovation founded by Denali Brewing. It was a natural progression for us, those devoted to the art of creating the finest craft beer to also produce premium distilled spirits.  We have started Denali Spirits with an intensive, small batch process that at the heart is focused on time-tested distilling traditions.  Our Still, affectionally known as Elsa, was lovingly built in house from spare parts, much like the bride of Frankenstein.  Our primary goal for our small grassroots foundation is to concentrate on the same quality and control that is indicative and proven with our Brewery.  Denali Spirits is truly handcrafted to the highest standard, placing our products in the forefront of premium spirits.


Denali Spirits Vodka is clear in color and distilled from premium quality American Two Row, White Wheat and blended with pure Alaska water. This vibrant vodka is slowly distilled five times in small batches, triple filtered through charcoal and hand bottled.

Nose: Sweet grain, velvety, fresh rainwater, clean, smooth   Carmel, biscuit

Finish: Sweet grain, slightly minty, clean, smooth, silky, pleasantly warm, rich, delicious

Proof: 80%


Denali Spirits Gin is distilled from premium quality American White Wheat, nine botanicals and blended with pure Alaska water.  Its earthy richness has a well-balanced herbal bouquet of Juniper, Oris and Angelica root, with hints of pepper and spice alongside grapefruit and lemon, making our gin delicious and exceedingly drinkable.

Nose: Delicate, herbal, earthy, mineral, slight pepper, touch of pine, grapefruit

Finish: Well balanced, juniper, hint of fresh citrus, juniper, delicious

Proof: 80%

Whiskey – Spring 2018

House Whiskey

Denali Spirits Whiskey epitomizes premium American Whiskeys at its finest. Distilled from Honey Malt, premium American Two Row, Munich Malt, Wheat Malt and blended with pure Alaska water. It is hand crafted in small batches and aged in single, charred, new American Oak barrels.  Denali Spirits has truly created an exceptionally smooth whiskey.

Nose: Honey, toffee, vanilla,

Finish: Full Bodied, sweetly balanced, pleasantly warm, hints of coffee and nuts along with toffee.

Smoke Whiskey

Denali Spirits Smoke Whiskey is a beautifully balanced whiskey. A rich blend of flavor that embraces a gentle smokiness. Distilled from premium American Two Row and pure Alaska water.  It is hand crafted in small batches and aged in single, charred, new American Oak barrels.  In the true spirit of traditional Alaska, Denali Spirits smoked their grains in wild grown Talkeetna Alder, mellowing the sweetness of the honey and rounding out its full body flavor.

Nose: Smoke, honey, toffee, Vanilla, earthy and woody

Finish: Lightly smoke, pleasantly warm, hints of coffee, nuts along with toffee.