Entries by Benjamin Heller


This unfiltered German wheat beer is a classic summer sipper. High carbonation balances the pleasant fruity aroma of banana and clove.

Louisville Sour

Primary fermentation in American oak barrels gives this medium bodied golden ale refreshingly tart flavors of lemon zest and wood.  A Talkeetna favorite.

Denali Schwarzbier

German dark lager uses traditional Pilsner and Munich malts and light nobel hops.  This lager has subtle chocolate and coffee flavors with a crisp, clean lager finish.

Slow Down Brown

Features velvety chocolate malt up front, a nutty center palate with restrained additions of cumin, coriander, fennel, fenugreek and cardamom and a slightly sweet lingering finish highlighted by cinnamon, cloves […]


A pale hued counterpart to our winter seasonal Hibernale.  In keeping with the Belgian traditions of naming, this devious style of beer is named after Beelzebub himself.  Each batch of […]

The Big DIPA

In the quest for the perfect hoppy ale, we created The Big DIPA.  A whopping five pounds of hops per barrel provide a wallop of the flavors and aromas you […]